• 26 Day Fit Challenge Transformation

    The “26 Day Fit Challenge Transformation” challenges you to complete 16 classes over the next 26 days along with our easy to follow nutrition guide. Starting from the 6th May 2014 until the 31st May 2014, just in time for the June bank holiday weekend. This is perfect preparation to get in shape for the

  • Park, Ride & Train !

    Clients availing of our conveniently timed early morning or evening training sessions & classes can use our car park to park & ride to the city. With a great choice of buses to the city centre, which run practically outside our door,  this is an ideal opportunity to combine a cheap & convenient park &

  • Hot Yoga at Advanced Fitness

    Hot Yoga – Taking Yoga Back to its Roots Yoga originated in India which enjoys daily temperatures which are much higher than those we are used to here in Ireland. Moving yoga to Europe has meant that we are practicing the discipline in a much colder environment and in effect our bodies are not as

  • New Combo Camp at Advanced Fitness

    Here at Advanced Fitness we pride ourselves in setting ourselves apart from the others and this is why we have come up with “Combo Camp”! Each class has a combination of TRX suspension training, Kettlebells and Abs work incorporating a resistance, cardio and core conditioning workout all in a fun filled one hour class.