• Hot Yoga at Advanced Fitness

    What is Hot Yoga

    It is a series of yoga postures and breathing exercises performed in a heated room.

    The heat allows the body to stretch and compress more deeply, reducing the risk of injury or strain.

    The heart lungs and circulatory system are required to work harder, giving you a cardiovascular workout.

    The warmth increases sweating which helps the body to remove toxins


    • Emma Moreau
      1 year experience


    • Burn Fat More Effectively
    • Improved Body Flexibility
    • Cardiovascular Benefits
    • Helps The Immune System
    • Helps You Think More Clearly
    • Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis
    • Aids Bone Development



    Hot Yoga – Taking Yoga Back to its Roots

    Yoga originated in India which enjoys daily temperatures which are much higher than those we are used to here in Ireland.

    Moving yoga to Europe has meant that we are practicing the discipline in a much colder environment and in effect our bodies are not as well prepared for the physical activity & stretching required as they would be in a warmer climate. In effect, Hot Yoga is taking Yoga back to its roots.

    Hot Yoga improves the warm-up process and reduces the risk of strains and injuries. This is particularly important for the muscle tendons and ligaments and as such, it allows a deeper and more intensive yoga work session. In addition to helping the warm-up process, Hot Yoga is also beneficial in terms of body detoxification and joint lubrication. The heat improves the viscosity of synovial fluids which lubricate the joints & this improves flexibility. The heat also encourages the body to sweat which improves the detoxification process.

    A key element of our Hot Yoga classes is our concentration on breathing techniques. “Pranayama” involves intensive deep breathing techniques which use the full capacity of the lungs. This improves their elasticity, maximises the intake of oxygen but also encourages the removal or expiration of Carbon Dioxide and other toxic substances from the body.

    Some of the key features & benefits of Hot Yoga include.

  • Improves flexibility & reduces stress & injuries
  • Helps the body’s detoxification process
  • Thins the blood & helps circulation
  • Helps immune system / increases T Cell production
  • Cardiovascular benefits from Increased Heart Rate
  • Warm muscles burn fat more effectively
  • Improves oxygen circulation & removal of CO2
  • Helping you to think more clearly
  • Speeds up the breakdown of glucose & fatty acids
  • Improve willpower, self-control & determination

  • Hot Yoga – Frequently Asked Questions

    Hot Yoga – What is it?
    A series of yoga postures and breathing exercises performed in a heated room. The heat allows the body to stretch and compress more deeply, minimising the risk of injury or strain. The heart lungs and circulatory system are required to work harder, giving you a cardio vascular workout. The warmth increases sweating which helps the body to remove toxins

    What do I need to bring?

    Men wear shorts and sometimes a t-shirt based on your preference. Women tend to wear capri shorts and a sports top. We have changing rooms, toilets and showers. We hire mats (€1) and towels (€1.50) if you don’t want to bring your own. Our mats are washed and dried after each use. You can bring your own water or drink but we do sell large 1.5L waters for in addition to many other drinks and bars such as coconut water.

    What are the differences between the classes you run?

    We run a number of different classes– we recommend you buy the intro offer and try each out!.

    Am I fit enough to attend?

    Anyone with any level of fitness can attend any class, however be prepared to work hard, sweat a lot and feel like you’ve worked every cell, nerve, muscle bone, tendon and ligament in the body. There’s a great relaxation part at the end, which will feel so worth it.

    How can I book my first class?

    To book your first class you have two options. You can simply arrive at our studios 20 minutes before the start of the session and buy the intro offer (arrive early to guarantee a space). Or call us on 01-8427683 to book in advance

    Do I need to be flexible? I can’t even touch my toes!

    You don’t need to be flexible – that’s one of the many things hot yoga will help to improve.

    Is this the same as Bikram yoga?

    Bikram Choudhoury was the first yoga teacher in the west to suggest heating the studio environment to reap the benefits of working more deeply once the body is warm – replicating the average daily temperatures you can expect in India (where yoga originated). Bikram studios offer a strict sequence of poses that never alter. Our teachers have continued their study and are qualified to teach a wealth of other postures (asanas) along with a variety of breathing exercises and meditations. Our teachers aim to deliver a more tailored session to suit the particular needs of each class.

    So will I get the exact same experience every time?

    Each teacher brings many years of teaching and practice experience with him/her. We actively encourage every teacher to share their yoga knowledge. So although you will get a hot, dynamic yoga class every time, the poses and the sequences may change from teacher to teacher and week to week. You may develop favourite teachers, just check the class scheduler to find out who’s teaching when.

    I am pregnant, can I take class?

    We will run pregnancy yoga classes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of mum and the growing foetus. Once baby is born, assuming a textbook pregnancy and birth, we are able to welcome mums back to hot yoga classes after 8 weeks. Please call to discuss your particular circumstances.

    Can any age attend?

    Any age from 10 to 80. The body’s heat regulatory system is still developing up to the age of 10, for this reason we recommend only children above that age and then only with a responsible adult with them. Keep checking our class timetable as we will be offering some not so hot classes that can accommodate a younger yogi.

    Are there any other times I should avoid class?

    If you are very dehydrated, or suffering from any cold or flu like symptoms. Everyone is asked to complete a brief health questionnaire prior to taking class, there may also be some circumstances whereby it may be inadvisable to practice, if you have any concerns or would like further clarification please contact us.

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