Hot Yoga Classes

It is a series of yoga postures and breathing exercises performed in a heated room. The heat allows the body to stretch and compress more deeply, reducing the risk of injury or strain.
The heart lungs and circulatory system are required to work harder, giving you a cardiovascular workout.
The warmth increases sweating which helps the body to remove toxins

Hot Yoga – Taking Yoga Back to its Roots

Yoga originated in India which enjoys daily temperatures which are much higher than those we are used to here in Ireland.
Moving yoga to Europe has meant that we are practicing the discipline in a much colder environment and in effect our bodies are not as well prepared for the physical activity & stretching required as they would be in a warmer environment. In effect, Hot Yoga is taking Yoga back to its roots.
Hot Yoga improves the warm-up process and reduces the risk of strains and injuries. This is particularly important for the muscle tendons and ligaments and as such, it allows a deeper and more intensive yoga work session. In addition to helping the warm-up process, Hot Yoga is also beneficial in terms of body detoxification and joint lubrication. The heat improves the viscosity of synovial fluids which lubricate the joints & this improves flexibility. The heat also encourages the body to sweat which improves the detoxification process.
A key element of our Hot Yoga classes is our concentration on breathing techniques. “Pranayama” involves intensive deep breathing techniques which use the full capacity of the lungs. This improves their elasticity, maximises the intake of oxygen but also encourages the removal or expiration of Carbon Dioxide and other toxic substances from the body.
Some of the key features & benefits of Hot Yoga include..
 Improved body flexibility &reduced risk of stress / injury through improved elasticity of muscles & tendons;
 Promotes sweating which in turns helps the body’s detoxification process;
 Thins the blood & helps circulation;
 Improves T Cell production which helps the body’s immune system;
 Increases heart rate which has cardiovascular benefits;
 Warm muscles burn fat more effectively;
 Heat causes capillaries to dilate which helps oxygen circulation & removal of CO2;
 Warmer temperatures improve function of the nervous system helping you to think more clearly;
 Speeds up the breakdown of glucose & fatty acids;
 Discipline helps to improve willpower, self-control & determination